Max Shang is a Reseach Associate at Univeristy of Guelph, Ridgetown Campus. Recent research involves the impact of Canadian business risk management (BRM) programs, farmland value, and developing methodologies that borrow information from like data generating process to increase small sample efficiency of nonparametric estimators. He also develops free Apps for farmers to improve their operation efficiency. For more details, please see CV.


  • Risk management and crop insurance
  • Nonparametric density estimation
  • Agricultural Economics


  • PhD in Food, Agricultural, and Resource Economics, 2015

    University of Guelph, Canada

  • MSc in Agricultural Economics and Project Management, 2010

    Northwest A & F University, China

  • BSc in Business Administration, 2007

    Northwest A & F University, China

Publications and working papers

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(2021). The make-or-buy decision of feed on livestock farms: Evidence from Ontario swine farms. Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics.

(2020). Potential implications of COVID‐19 on the Canadian pork industry. Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics.


(2020). Prices paid for farmland in Ontario: Does buyer type matter?. Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics.




UoG FARE Dairy Benchmark Program

This website and App are developed to provide producers free benchmarking analysis. It also provides information on how your management decisions compare to other operations.